The company builds a large-scale modernization processing base in Sanli Village, Jinzhou District ,Dalian City.The factory covers an area of 85000 square meters, factory construction occupy an area of 95000 square meters, where there are a 10000-tonnage air-conditioned warehouse, 23000 tonnages cold storage and more than 4,2 000 square meters of agricultural products deep processing workshops, By adopting equipments imported from Japan, Italy, the factory can process more than 60,000 tonnages agricultural & sideline products and aquatic products .


ADD: No.624 Sanli Village, Yongzheng Street,Jinzhou District, Dalian, China
P.C: 116001
TEL: 86-411-3995-9288           FAX: 86-411-3995-9030
E-mail:[email protected]

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